• Non Cabled Single Bar Trainer - Bases, Bar Sleeves, & Hardware


    Non Cabled Single Bar Trainer - Bases, Bar Sleeves, & Hardware

    Non-Cabled Single Bar Trainer

    Product Overview

    The Non-Cabled Single Bar Trainer allows you to set your height lower than our current system while saving space by not using cables as you would with other single bar trainers.

    • Height adjustments from 12” to 72” in 6” increments
    • Width between uprights equals 94-1/2’’ (240cm) center-to-center. Extended ears on slide collars allow for mounting over a 90" wide pit
    • Consists of two bases, two uprights, and one Graphite X bar
    • Graphite X Rail can be interchanged with either 6' rail or men's horizontal bar
    • Uses 76-1/4" tall uprights constructed of 3" tubing
    • Round bases are 6-1/2" tall and 13-1/2" in diameter with slotted holes giving additional clearance in case of imperfections to concrete surface
    • Bases use eight 1/2" bolts to anchor into the concrete floor


    Item Numbers

    • 406-111 - Non-Cabled SBT with Graphite X Rail- wt. 180lbs. (82kg)
    • 406-117 - Non-Cabled SBT with Graphite E Rail- wt. 180lbs. (82kg)
    • 406-114 - Non-Cabled SBT with 6' Graphite X Rail - wt. 180lbs. (82kg)
    • 406-116 - Non-Cabled SBT with 6' Graphite E Rail - wt. 180lbs. (82kg) 
    • 406-112 - Non-Cabled SBT (uprights only) - wt. 97lbs (44kg)
    • 406-113 - Non-Cabled SBT Accessories (base, bar sleeves, hardware) - wt. 69lbs (31kg)