• Internationl Asymmetric Bars With Graphite E Rails


    Internationl Asymmetric Bars With Graphite E Rails

    International Asymmetric Bars

    Product Overview

    Designed to easily show height markings for FIG compliant requirement during competition

    • FIG Approved
    • Meets USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications
    • Designed primarily for use in Elite level gymnastics programs
    • Uprights are chrome-plated, while the bases, spreader bar, and collar are finished in powder-coated navy vein
    • Easy to adjust cabling system for quick modifications and enhanced stability
    • Low bar adjusts in height from 61" (155cm) to 72" (185cm)
    • High bar adjust in height from 93” (235cm) to 104” (265cm)
    • Swiveling tie-downs are easy to install and designed to transfer any loads sustained by the cables to properly installed floor anchors
    • Graphite X bars provide the feel of wood with the strength and resiliency of fiberglass for maximum performance
    • Heavy-duty pistons designed to provide added stability and performance
    • Can be used with the Freestanding Uneven Bar Adapter and/or SRS System
    • Unit requires four floor anchors (not included)


    Item Numbers

    • 407-126- International Asymmetric Bars with Graphite X Rails - wt. 296 lbs. (135kg)
    • 407-326- International Asymmetric Bars with Graphite E Rails - wt. 296 lbs. (135kg)